Wonder Girls’ Yubin Shows Off Sexy Dance Moves on “Unpretty Rapstar 2”

The October 23 episode of “Unpretty Rapstar 2” featured rappers SISTAR’Hyorin, Sua, Heize, Kasper, Fiestar’s Yezi, KittiB, Wonder Girls’ Yubin, Truedy, 4Minute’s Jiyoon, EXY, and Rubber Soul’Kim.

On the eighth mission, Yezi, Hyorin, Yubin, and KittiB were the four finalists selected for the final solo missions. The theme was left to the contestants.


Yubin definitely had all eyes on her when she appeared in a wine-colored leather jacket with burgundy lipstick, and showcased her rap “Play,” complete with seductive dance moves. KittiB said of her moves, “Yubin was showing such amazing moves. I think that should count as cheating,” playfully looking alarmed at the strength of her opponent.

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