Watch: Three Teams Compete on “Unpretty Rapstar 2”

The October 23 episode of “Unpretty Rapstar” showed a team battle between three teams.

The first team consisted of Jiyoon, Kasper, and EXY. EXY, in particular, gained attention for her rap skills.

Then Truedy, Sua and Heize put on a great stage with the audience cheering for them. KittiB said of their stage, “It was very charming, much more than I thought possible.” Sua and Truedy were sure of their victory.

Team Yezi, dubbed the Avengers, consisting of Yezi, KittiB, Yubin, and Hyorin, showed a charismatic stage, playing on the motif of “Crazy Dog” again.


In the end, the audience cast the most votes for Team Yezi, enabling them to go onto the next mission. The team with the lowest score was Jiyoon, Kasper, and EXY’s team.

Watch their performances here:

Which performance is your favorite?

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