Sulli Cheers on and Shows Love for IU

Sulli, who recently announced that she would become an actress and leave her group f(x), showed some sweet support for her best friend IU.

On October 24, she posted on her Instagram account a message of encouragement for IU, saying “Gyah. How could you not love her. IU, I love you! I love every song, but ‘Red Queen’ is the best. I can’t help it. Everyone ought to love her! (I didn’t draw this picture! Who drew it? Golden hand).”


“Red Queen” is one of the tracks in IU’s fourth mini-album “Chat-Shire.” IU has spoken of how the track came to be and said, “I got the idea for the song from the picture that Sulli drew. She draws well, and I saw this picture when I was over at her house. I thought it went well with the lyrics that I had in mind, so I took a picture of it.”

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