Son Seung Yeon Gives Emotional Performance for Shin Hae Chul Tribute on “Immortal Song”

The October 24 episode of “Immortal Song” was a special episode for Shin Hae Chul, who passed away a year ago. His wife, Yoon Won Hee, was watching from the audience.

Possibly the most moving performance of the night was made by singer Son Seung Yeon (Sonnet Son). Son Seung Yeon chose the song, “When Our Lives Draw to an End Before Us,” and presented an emotionally charged stage. It was then that Yoon Won Hee teared up, and her daughter consoled her.


Son Seung Yeon also started crying near the climax of the song, but she managed to finish the song with no real hiccups. She said after the performance was over, “I was holding back tears since the beginning. I tried, but I could not stop the tears from flowing.” Afterward, she joked, “I must have looked pretty terrible on camera.”

Watch the performance below.

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