EXO’s Lay and Jackie Chan’s New Movie “Kung Fu Yoga” in Jeopardy as Investors Withdraw

According to reports, Jackie Chan and Lay‘s new movie, “Kung Fu Yoga,” is in financial trouble due to its investors withdrawing. His new movie had previously gained a lot of attention, as not only EXO‘s Lay, but the famous Bollywood actor Amir Khan was also cast for the film (although he ultimately declined).

A Hong Kong newspaper reports that the Indian investors for them film have declared their withdrawal, because they could not agree to the conditions that the Chinese put out. It seems that the Chinese wanted all the decision-making authority, and the Chinese and the Indians could not agree on which actors had more popularity.

Insiders think that filming will nevertheless proceed, but there will have to be a delay. Originally, the movie was scheduled to open in theaters in summer 2016, but it will most likely be around Christmas, 2016.

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Taihe Entertainment (one of the production companies for this film) assures that filming is going smoothly, that with any other productions, some investors will say yes, some will say no, and that China and India have recently signed a cooperation agreement. The filming continues with Chinese investment currently and the film is expected to be released sometime in 2016.

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