Kim Woo Bin, Lee Sung Kyung, and More Attend Star-Studded VIP Screening of “Collective Invention”

A VIP screening was recently held for the film “Collective Invention” where many stars, including Kim Woo Bin and Lee Sung Kyung, gave the film rave reviews!

The film stars Lee Kwang Soo, Lee Chun Hee, and Park Bo Young in a story about a mutant fish-man who rises to celebrity stardom. The film first debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival, and was released to the Korean public on October 22. At the VIP screening held on October 15, Lee Kwang Soo asked fans to just enjoy the film, rather than anticipate when the fish face would appear.

Kim Woo Bin expressed his wishes for the film to succeed, and actress Hwang Seung Eon stated that she was looking forward to such a unique film. Other attendees included Kim Bum, EXO‘s D.O., Jung Yoo Mi, and many more.

Kim Bum told reporters, “It’s a very interesting movie, and it’s something that Korea has never seen before.” Jung Yoo Mi was very impressed with the film, stating, “The actors really tackled the film with enthusiasm, and I think it has a really meaningful message.”

You can watch highlights from the screening event below!

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