Jo Sung Mo Is Now a Father

Singer Jo Sung Mo is now a father, five years after his marriage.

He posted a photo of himself with his baby on his Instagram account on the morning of October 26, saying, “Dear everyone, I’m a father as of this morning. It’s a healthy son. He seems to be a night owl, as a musician’s son should be.” He continued, “I’m so thankful to my wife who went through a lot of hardship, and to everyone else who worried about us and supported us. I’ll have to work even harder, to be able to afford all those diapers.”

As he wrote on his Instagram, his wife Goo Min Ji is said to have had a serious case of the morning sickness during her pregnancy, to the point where she had to be admitted to the hospital for two months, and she also had to go through an appendicitis removal while she was pregnant.

He said, “We haven’t named the child yet. We called him ‘Moogoong,’ so that he will grow quickly like the Moogoong flower (rose of sharon). We still have to think about his name.”

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