Kang Dong Won Shares Picture With a Baby Pig for His New Movie

A behind the scenes photo of Kang Dong Won with a baby pig has recently been gaining a lot of attention.

On October 26, the photo was uploaded on Facebook with the caption, “Be careful of your step, my heart almost dropped. Kang Dong Won bragging about working with the pig, Don Don.”

In the photo, the forever young Kang Dong Won is seen hugging the pig with a bright smile for his film, “Black Priests.” Despite the heavy, dark theme of the film, Kang Dong Won looks happy and comfortable in the photo, delighting many of his fans.

In addition to this photo, another photo of actors Kim Yoon Seok and Park So Dam working happily on the film set has been revealed as well.

black priests

black priests2

The film “Black Priests” is about two Catholic priests getting involved in a mysterious event in order to save a young girl who falls into grave danger. The film is set to be released on November 5.

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