T.O.P Reveals His Opinion on Stars Making Promises for Ratings

BIGBANG‘s T.O.P, who will take part in the web drama “Secret Message,” directly communicated with fans through Naver V App.

When asked about whether he plans to make any promises for the fans, in case the viewer turnout rate is good, he said, “I think you can’t win by answering questions like this, since it’s ridiculous if you achieve the ratings, and it’s ridiculous if you don’t.”

He continued, “I don’t think anyone commits to being in a drama with thoughts about viewer turnout rates. We do this because of our passion, so instead of hoping for a huge success, I would like to hope that you will all remember me and my role warmly.”

“Secret Message” features T.O.P. and Japanese actress Ueno Juri, playing a Korean man and a Japanese woman who lived completely different lives. But they try to overcome the heartbreak from their first loves, and look for new love. It starts airing starting November 2 in Asia, the United States, and South America. It will be shown through Naver TV Cast within Korea.

What are your thoughts on ratings promises?

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