Lee Yoo Bi Gets Blackmailed Over Her Lost Cell Phone

Actress Lee Yoo Bi was blackmailed over her lost cell phone for 20 million won (approximately $17,500). Her agency SidusHQ confirmed this via a news outlet, saying that she lost her cell phone at a club in Gangnam on October 17. On October 22, she texted her cell phone, asking for it to be returned for compensation.

The finder of her cell phone, dubbed “B”by the media, realized that the owner of the cell phone is a celebrity as the cell phone was not locked. He called Lee Yoo Bi four times on October 22, saying that he would return it for 20 million Korean won, or he would release the contents of her cell phone to the public.

As Lee Yoo Bi had nothing to hide in her cell phone, she and her agency sought the help of the police, and caught B by falsely promising to pay him, and meeting him at a cafe, while the police waited outside. Two teenage accomplices who were helping “B” with the crime were booked without detention as well.

Her agency ended by saying, “We hope that there will be no more instances of blackmailing someone, just because that someone is publicly known.”

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