Sung Yoo Ri Reveals Her Embarrassing Bathroom Troubles on “Happy Together”

Actress Sung Yoo Ri will make an appearance in the October 29 episode of “Happy Together” along with Kim Sung Kyun and Ji Jin Hee. The three guests are said to have been invited under the common theme of “people who are good at variety, but not recognized for it.”

Kim Sung Kyun Ji Jin Hee

Sung Yoo Ri candidly reveals her “bathroom problems.” She says, “When I was filming a drama, there was a rafting scene. I really needed to go, but I had to hold it for about seven hours, and eventually I just had to take care of it in the water.” She adds, “When I go to the bathroom in service stations along the highway, sometimes fans recognize me and wait for me in front of my stall. That puts me in a difficult position because of the smell. Some of my fans have given me products designed to disperse bathroom odors, so that I can keep looking dignified like an actress.”

Tune into tonight’s episode of “Happy Together” at 11:10 p.m. KST for more!

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