Kang Dong Won Shares Thoughts on Joo Won Being Called His Look-Alike

Actors Kang Dong Won discussed Joo Won and his numerous other doppelgängers in a recent interview with OSEN, admitting that he does notice some physical similarities between him and the junior actor.

When asked to share his opinion on Joo Won and his self-proclaimed title as a “second-class Kang Dong Won,” the actor responded, “I’m not sure what to say. We do look kind of alike, I guess.”

He went on to add, “There are also others [who claim they look like me] — Joo Won is not the only one. Even some foreigners say they resemble me,” and made the interviewer laugh with his comment.

Meanwhile, Kang Dong Won stars alongside Kim Yoon Suk in the movie “Black Priests” that will open in theaters on November 5.

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