Tae Oh Doesn’t Want EXO’s Kai to Leave on “Oh! My Baby”

EXO‘s Kai and his adorable mini-me Tae Oh‘s sweet playdate went better than Ricky Kim would have ever expected.

This week’s episode of SBS’ “Oh! My Baby” will feature the final part of Kai’s visit to Ricky Kim’s home. Viewers will get to see a little more of his interaction with Tae Oh and Tae Rin, who both fell for Kai within moments after their first meeting.

Regarding the special bond between Kai and Tae Oh, the show’s producers revealed, “Kai participated in the filming for a relatively short time, but he got extremely close with Tae Oh. Even Ricky Kim was surprised to see how affectionate and comfortable he was while playing with the kids.” An example of this would be when Tae Oh wanted to spit out a piece of meat that he did not feel like eating, but instead of spitting it on his father’s hand, he turned to his new big brother Kai.

“Tae Oh usually takes his time with opening up to strangers, but Kai went for the games that kids like, such as playing Iron Man, and that helped Tae Oh to open his heart to him. When it was time for Kai to leave, Tae Oh immediately started whining and told how he wants Kai to say.”

Make sure to catch “Oh! My Baby” on Saturday at 4:50 p.m. for more Kai—Tae Oh cuteness!

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