Hip-Hop Artists Vote and Select the Best Female Rappers

20 male hip-hop artists were surveyed and were asked to choose two of the best female rappers. Out of a total of 40 votes, Yoon Mi Rae took the title with 12 votes. Jessi was a close runner up with 10 votes. When asked for the reason behind choosing Yoon Mi Rae, those surveyed explained, “Everyone agrees that she is the best female rapper in the nation,” “She is the best in whatever she does,” and “She is a voice killer in both rapping and singing.”

Debuting through Uptown’s first album in 1997, Yoon Mi Rae has strengthened her presence in the music scene through solo and group projects ever since. Although extremely well-known in the hip-hop world, Yoon Mi Rae has also gained a lot of popularity from singing OST songs for popular Korean dramas such as “Master’s Sun” and “It’s Okay, That’s Love.”

Jessi’s charisma as a female rapper definitely made a huge statement this past year and so it is not a surprise that she is second place. When asked for the reason behind choosing Jessi, those surveyed said, “The fact that she is so popular among girls says it all,” “She has a powerful energy that intimidates many male rappers,” and “She expresses the true nature of hip-hop so well.”

Jessi debuted in 2005 through her single album “Get Up” and has risen to stardom through her participation in the survival show, “Unpretty Rapstar.” She also participated in a female soldier special episode of MBC’s “Real Men.”

CL, leader of 2NE1, and Cheetah, the winner of the first season of “Unpretty Rapstar,” tied for third place with four votes each. CL was described as “a rapper that can not only rap but can also put on a great performance as well. It would not be unreasonable to say that she may become the next Yoon Mi Rae.” On the other hand, Cheetah was said to be “extremely powerful on stage as well as a veteran when it comes to writing creative lyrics and making music.”

EXID’s LE came in fifth place due to her skills in songwriting and past collaborations with artists including Huh Gak, BEAST’s Junhyung, and more.

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