Song Triplets Show Off Their Musical Talent as a Military Band

The November 1 episode of “The Return of Superman” will feature the Song triplets who are currently in an air force camp for children. They will show a music performance, in which Daehan plays the chimes, Minguk plays the keyboard, and Manse plays the drums.

Manse appears to be especially talented. He seems quite at ease with the beats, surprising his father, and plays passionately, encouraged by his father’s praises.

However, Minguk is possibly the one who enjoys the music the most. He even encourages a member of the air force to play with him, putting a smile on everyone’s lips.

It is Daehan’s first time playing the chimes, but he picks up on how to play them very quickly. He even learns a second instrument (a large drum), surprising everyone.

Tune into “The Return of Superman” to see for yourself the talented Song triplets on November 1 at 4:50 p.m. KST!

Meanwhile, catch up on the latest episode below:

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