Dongho Addresses Rumors Surrounding His Upcoming Wedding

Dongho, formerly of U-KISS, who is getting married on November 28, responded to criticisms that he is getting married at a young age of 21 to avoid the mandatory military service, as well as other rumors such as that his girlfriend is pregnant already.

He met the press during a baseball game in an amateur league. He said, “My girlfriend is one year older than me, and she studies fine arts. We have been dating for about a year and a half. I went through hard times after I quit the entertainment industry, but she supported me through it.” It is said that her support during these times is what made him decide to get married.

He addressed the rumor of pregnancy, saying, “My girlfriend is not pregnant.” He added, “I heard rumors that I am trying to get an exemption from the military service by getting married and having children. But I am actually already exempt from active duties because I underwent a serious lung surgery, and that fact was known prior to the wedding announcements.” He stressed, “I plan to fulfill my duty as a Korean citizen by serving.”

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