B.A.P Reveals Heart-Stopping Teasers for “Matrix”

Update November 11 KST:

The music video teaser for “Young, Wild & Free” is out.

Update November 9 KST:

The full group teaser image is out showing the members dressed in well-tailored suits sitting upon thrones as if to say “The king is back.”

matric b.a.p

Update November 7 KST:

Daehyun’s teaser has been released. Now all of the individual teasers are out for “Matrix.” The words on Daehyun’s image says, “Our youth will become many memories for us.”


Update November 6 KST:

Himchan’s teaser has been released. The words on his image says, “I hope things that write it’s a choice and read that it’s youth will always be beautiful.”

BAP himchan

Update November 5 KST:

Zelo’s teaser including some dance moves has been released! The message on his image says, “Our youth is consecutive chances.”


Update November 4 KST:

Youngjae’s teaser has been revealed! The words on his image says, “Even though it’s hard and frightening, [I] keep racing because it’s youth.”

BAP Youngjae

Update November 3 KST:

The teaser for Jongup is out! The words on his image say, “Youth is the time when you look at both reality and dreams.”

Jong up matrix


November 15 seems so far away with B.A.P dropping teasers for their new album titled “Matrix.”

After revealing a preview medley, B.A.P is starting to reveal individual member teasers, starting with leader Bang Yong Guk on November 2 KST. The words on his image say, “Youth: Let’s become a realist, but let’s dream an impossible dream- B.A.P’s Bang Yong Guk.”

b.a.p bang yong guk matrix

There are also video teasers for each member, being released through Naver’s V app, which you can view here.

Also revealed is B.A.P’s schedule of releases for teasers and promotions, which you can view below.

b.a.p. matrix schedule

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