Netizens Dig Up Photo of Park Hyo Shin and Jung Ryeo Won Together After Dating Denial

..proving that the two still aren’t dating.

Earlier today, singer Park Hyo Shin and actress Jung Ryeo Won were suddenly thrown into the limelight together when a local news source (Kookmin Ilbo) reported that the two were dating with marriage in mind. In particular, the report cited that Jung Ryeo Won was spotted a Park Hyo Shin’s concert in December 2014. Both sides quickly refuted such a claim, saying that they weren’t even acquaintances.

Since the denial, a photo of Park Hyo Shin and Jung Ryeo Won together found its way to an online community with the title, “Park Hyo Shin and Jung Ryeo Won, who have met each other at least once.” It’s a photo of Jung Ryeo Won at Park Hyo Shin’s concert, along with installation artist Im Su Mi and other friends (they have been cut from the photo).

Park Hyo Shin Jung Ryeo Won at concert

This is the full photo. Im Su Mi uploaded this photo onto her Instagram after going to Park Hyo Shin’s concert with Jung Reyo Won, whom she met through an OnStyle TV show and is friends with.

Im Su Mi Park Hyo Shin Jung Ryeo Won

As for Park Hyo Shin’s side saying he never even met her in his denial, it’s understandable that he wouldn’t remember every single person who came backstage to see him during his numerous concerts.

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