IU’s Difficult Times Before She Became a Hit Singer Revealed

Singer IU was ranked number seven on the list of stars who succeeded after having started from the very bottom on the November 2 episode of “The List 2015.”

So far, IU is estimated to have earned over 10 billion Korean won (approximately $8.8 million) through “Good Day,” other singles, and from TV ads. After becoming successful, she gifted her father with an expensive car that he always wanted, and she is also giving regular allowances for her family members.


She does this for a reason. After having been the guarantor for a failed business, her middle-class family lost everything, and IU has memories of having lived in a large house, then a small house, then in a single-room with her family, and going through a foreclosure. Not only that, when she was trying hard to become a singer, one of her management agencies went bankrupt. Her situation was pretty dire before “Good Day” became a hit!

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