Soribada to Disable Its Recommendation Feature Amid Criticism of Unfair Chart Rankings

Following Mnet’s example, Soribada, one of the largest charts in Korea, will get rid of its music recommendation services, which was previously criticized as having an unfair effect on the chart rankings. When the users play the music that rank high within the chart, the recommended songs are automatically included in their playlist, which make it easier for the recommended songs to enter the charts, in which number of plays is a large factor.

Abusing this loophole, many management agencies have tried to get their artists a spot in the recommended songs, and the consumers have been complaining that this restricts their right to choice.

While this announcement was made on November 2, it will still be some time before the recommendation service is shut down, although Soribada is trying to do so as soon as possible. When they are ready to get rid of the recommendation services, they will announce it via their webpage and also through their mobile app.

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