JOO Talks About Her Relationship With Her Brother, Ilhoon of BTOB

Singer JOO, coming back with her single “Cry and Blow,” which is her first comeback in five years, conducted an interview with a newspaper to share her feelings about her comeback.

The biggest change in her life in the past five years is arguably the fact that her brother Ilhoon is now also a singer, in the group BTOB. Of her brother’s debut, she said, “I didn’t want him to be known as JOO’s sister, so I held back in talking about him. But he talked about me first on air, so I was very thankful. Although I debuted first, I think he spent more time in front of cameras, so maybe I should call him my sunbae.”

The two seem to have a very close relationship, as she said, “We talk a lot about music, as we have similar tastes. He made me listen to some songs that he wrote himself, saying that he wants to sing it with me someday.” It seems that both of them would really like to sing together, as their top choice for a duet partner is each other.

Of her new album, she said, “I am not going to be too ambitious in hoping for a high place on charts. Rather, I would like to focus on thanking my fans for having waited for me for so long, and on making sure that my songs are up to their expectations.” She ended with saying, “I would like to one day release an album of just my songs that I wrote myself. I think I would really be able to get all the emotions across.”

Watch and listen to “Cry and Blow” below.

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