Gary Talks Candidly About Song Ji Hyo and “Running Man”

Gary talked about his “Monday lover” Song Ji Hyo an in interview with Chinese media.

When asked what Song Ji Hyo means to him, he said, “She is a good colleague. Some people think that we are in a business relationship. Some people say that we pretend to be a couple in order to earn money. I can understand that, but at the same time, some people like to see us flirt.”

He said, “We have been appearing on ‘Running Man‘ together for six years, so it is not awkward to tease each other. There is certainly an element of fiction in all of us, but not all of it is fake and we enjoy the process. [LeeKwang Soo isn’t pretending to be stupid just because he wants to earn money. It is all a part of trying to make things interesting and fun for the viewers. We won’t be able to please everyone, but we work hard for the people who love us.”

Gary ended by thanking “Running Man,” saying, “The show is an unexpected fortune in my life. I am so lucky to have been involved with it, and I am so happy to have met so many people through it.”

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