Korean Netizens Find Something Else to Complain About Regarding JYJ’s Jaejoong

When the hate train gets rolling, it’s hard to stop it.

Korean netizens, and I specifically mean Korean netizens, and let’s keep in mind this doesn’t represent all of Korea, are pouring on the hate for Kim Jaejoong of JYJ.

Kim Jaejoong, who is currently serving his mandatory military duties, has earned the ire of netizens because of a few mistakes he has made in the past couple of weeks.

The first mistake he made was on October 26, when he sang the Korean national anthem at the first game of the Korean Series. Kim Jaejoong sang the wrong lyrics right at the end of the song. Instead of singing, “Stay true to the Great Korean way,” he sang, “Hurrah for our country.” You can watch the performance below.

The second mistake he made was at the 2015 Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards ceremony, where he and his group members were present to receive the Prime Minister’s Award. Netizens and media noticed that Kim Jaejoong was wearing the Korean flag upside down on the sleeve of his military uniform, and many criticized him for not knowing the proper orientation for the flag, especially when he is receiving an award from the government. Kim Jaejoong later fixed the orientation, but his previous mistake was already captured by many cameras.

Source: Starnews Korea @ YouTube

Source: Starnews Korea @ YouTube

South Korean flag

After the grumbles over the flag died down a bit, netizens found something else to get peeved over, pointing out that Kim Jaejoong was wearing a very expensive watch at the ceremony. It’s a Richard Mille watch and the one Kim Jaejoong is wearing is priced at around 160 millon won (approximately $140,000). There isn’t any rule against him wearing this watch, and most of the comments just sound like they are jealous he has one. However, some point out that wearing such a watch in the army doesn’t make sense; you need a more utiliarian one for accuracy and camouflage. Some netizens are seeing all these mistakes as a lack of a soldier mentality by Kim Jaejoong.

Source: Starnews Korea @ YouTube

Source: Starnews Korea @ YouTube

On the other side, there are netizens who are not seeing any problems with Kim Jaejoong’s watch; he is able to afford it and he is just wearing his watch. Some fans have pointed out that Kim Jaejoong wears another electronic watch when he is actually performing his duties in the army.

Kim Jaejoong is currently a private in the military band.

What do you guys think – are the netizens just overreacting or do you think they have a valid point?

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