RANIA Introduces New Black American Member and Releases Teaser for “Demonstrate”

Agency DR Music has announced that the girl group RANIA has recruited a black member named Alexandra to group.

Alexandra, age 21, is a rapper hailing from the U.S. Her father is white and her mother is black. She was born in Kansas and has lived in New York and Texas. She was part of the American record label Def Jam (housing Kanye West, Ludacris, and Justin Beiber, among others currently) starting from when she was 15 years old. Alexandra was preparing to debut with the help of her manager Scott (who formerly managed Rihanna and currently manages Bruno Mars, according to DR Music), when she came to know RANIA and signed on to become an official member.

Alexandra also starred in Jamie Foxx‘s “You Changed Me” music video, and she is said to boast top rapping skills. In regards to her composition skills, she has worked with Alex Dakid,who has worked with Eminem, and JR Rotem, who has worked with Britney Spears.

According to DR Music, Alexandra became interested in K-pop through YouTube and decided to come to Korea and be part of the K-pop scene through this opportunity with RANIA.

Because of visa issues, Alexandra was only able to join the group in Korea last month, but is currently preparing hard to promote with the group and is looking forward to going on TV.

Viewers will be able to start seeing Alexandra performing November 5, through RANIA’s “Demonstrate” comeback on “M!Countdown.”

RANIA has also recruited new members Seulji and Hyemi to the group for its first comeback in about two years.

rania new member


You can watch RANIA’s latest teaser for “Demonstrate” below.

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*While the information released from DR Music states that Alexandra’s mother is white and her father is black, Alexandra’s personal photo states that her mother is black and her father is white.

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