G-Dragon Praised by European Scholars

Edited November 10 KST:

This article misstated the quotations and actions of Dr. Ute Fendler of the University of Bayreuth. Soompi wrote this article using Insight, Yonhap, and Segye Ilbo as cross-references. However, after confirming with Dr. Fendler personally, we retract the second and third paragraphs of our article in their entirety. Dr. Fendler did not play a G-Dragon music video during her presentation; nor did she make any of the statements quoted in the article. Soompi apologizes for the errors.

Original article:

The Hallyu International Conference is being held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates for two days, between November 3 and 4. Some 200 scholars around the world analyzed Hallyu, including K-pop and K-dramas, but other scholars researched Korean street fashion, indie music, and non-mainstream movies.

Dr. Ute Fendler of University of Bayreuth started a presentation by showing G-Dragon‘s music video. The professor said, “G-Dragon doesn’t make his video just to look cool. You also need to look at his creativity, or the depth of his understanding in humanities. European music videos cannot compare his.” The professor praised G-Dragon, saying, “You can tell that he understands the mythology and history of Western culture, but his music videos remain oddly Korean.”

The professor also criticized viewers of his music videos and commented, “However, I don’t think many Koreans pick up on the depth of his work.”

How do you think European music videos compare to G-Dragon’s music videos?

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