Oh My Girl Reveals Which B1A4 Member Helped Them Out The Most

While B1A4’s Sandeul may be known for his sweet vocals and performances, Oh My Girl claimed he is a great role model as well.

On the episode of MBC every1’s “Weekly Idol” which aired on November 4, B1A4’s sister group Oh My Girl appeared as guests.

When asked who their role model is, the members answer Sandeul.

“When we first debuted, Sandeul helped us out a lot with our vocals,” they comment with gratitude.

oh my girl 2

As the group’s vocal trainer, they said he gave them many useful tips that would help them further in their career.

“Sandeul also is really good at reactions,” MC Jung Hyung Don says in order to test their reaction skills as well.

oh my girl 3

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