Super Junior’s Fans Celebrate Their 10th Anniversary Through a Gift Beyond Imagination

Super Junior will celebrate their 10th anniversary since their debut on November 6. To celebrate the special occasion, the fans of Super Junior established a “SJ School” in Africa.

This story was known through Leeteuk‘s social media. He said, “We have always wondered how we can repay the love that we received in the past 10 years, and we had mentioned that one day we would like to establish a school for the less fortunate. Amazingly, our fans beat us to it, and they did a lot of fundraising to build the ‘SJ School’ in Africa.”


Leeteuk expressed his gratefulness and said, “We are so thankful that we ended up receiving such a big present from our fans, when it was our intention that we should be the ones to do it. We hope that many people learn and grow through this school. Thank you and love you.”

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