Korean Man Blackmails High School Girl to Sign Sex Slave Contract

A store manager was sentenced to one year in jail, for trying to get a high school student to sign a sex slave contract.

This past February, a high-school girl was caught stealing a 7,000 won (approximately $6) lip tint in a store. The manager of the store, only disclosed as Park, started off by yelling at the student to pay 500,000 won (approximately $440), then and asking her to write a letter of apology which contained her phone number and other personal information.

Afterwards, acting slightly mollified and buying the girl a lunch, he suggested a “sex slave contract.” He alleged that someone else who was also caught stealing signed a similar contract, and that she sent nude photos. He then asked the girl how far she is willing to go in order for him to not charge her for this petty theft. He suggested that they meet a couple of times a month for sex.

The prosecution asked for five years under the count of sexual harassment, and the jury of seven was unanimous in finding Park guilty. He was eventually sentenced to one year in prison.

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