Jay Park’s Reps Respond to Speculations Singer Is Dissing Park Jin Young in New Album

Jay Park released his new studio album, titled “Worldwide,” today, and along with its R-rated video for title track “You Know,” his other songs are also getting a lot of attention.

The specific song receiving the spotlight is titled “F*ckboy,” and a portion of the lyrics, which are written by the artist himself, say: “My old teacher is jealous now that we’ll become same same. You’re a TV personality that sells fans. I continue forward even if you block me. Woah. XX I was about to be asked to a music festival. Yeah. But the old man doesn’t act his age. Childish childish. I’ve been free for five years. I’m at this level even if you block me. I’m doing fine. I don’t bother with you.”

After hearing this song, many netizens speculated that Jay Park was referring to Park Jin Young, the singer and producer that formed 2PM, the group Jay Park previously belonged to before he was expelled.

In response to the speculation, Jay Park’s agency, AOMG, stated, “Jay Park writes all his songs, including that one. Since he wrote that song, only he will know. We can’t explain why and because of who he wrote the songs.” AOMG continued, “He didn’t explain it to us beforehand so we can’t answer rashly. Each listener is free to interpret as they please.”

“Worldwide” includes a total of 18 tracks and guest verses by 27 artists, including TabloDynamic Duo’s GaekoPalo Alto, SIK-K, Geegooin, Lil Boi, David Kim, SeochulguBewhY, and more.

JYP Entertainment stated that it has no comment about the song.

What do you guys think: do you think the lyrics are referring to Park Jin Young?

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