Kang Dong Won Shyly Delivers the Weather Forecast on National News

Actor Kang Dong Won has made a surprise appearance on the news as a weather forecaster!

On the November 4 airing of JTBC‘s “News Room,” Kang Dong Won surprised the audience by appearing on the show and talking about his upcoming film “The Priests.”

This was the actor’s first time appearing on a show after 11 years. When he was done with his interview, he stayed in his seat and anchor Son Seok Hwi announced, “Kang Dong Won did not leave yet. He will tell the weather forecast for us soon.”

Kang Dong Won covered his face with his hands and looked embarrassed for a minute, but he soon turned professional and said, “South Jeolla Province and Jeju Island will receive some rain early in the morning until noon.”

After he was all done, he turned shy again and started clawing at his hair, but his fans were definitely pleased.

Watch the clip here!

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