Yoo Ah In Continued to Act Despite Spilling Actual Blood on Filming Set

Actor Cha Soon Bae complimented actor Yoo Ah In for his professionalism while filming the movie “Sado.”

On the recent episode of “Radio Star” on November 4, actors Cha Soon Bae, Kim Bup Rae, Choi Byung Mo, and Kim Jae Hwa came as guests.

While on the subject of movies, Cha Soon Bae said that Yoo Ah In is a genius when it comes to acting.

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After working together with him in “Sado,” Cha Soon Bae explained, “Yoo Ah In is a hardworking genius. In the movie, there is a scene where Yoo Ah In’s head collides with a rock. We put a sponge on the floor [so it looks like he’s butting heads with the rock]. But Yoo Ah In really hit the rock with his head.”

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He continued, “Normal people would stop when you start bleeding but Yoo Ah In continued to act despite his injury. The blood that you see in the movie is actually his. After I saw that scene I thought, ‘He is one scary kid.”

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