Joo Won Talks About Kim Tae Hee’s Behind-The-Scenes Personality

Actor Joo Won, who stars in the box office hit movie “It’s Him,” interviewed with news outlet Ilgan Sports. Of the movie, currently number one in the box office, he hopes to gather at least 3.5 million viewers.

Joo Won seems to be one of the hottest actors in Korea at the moment, combined with the recent hit drama “Yong Pal.” He spent some time talking about his co-actor Kim Tae Hee in his interview and said, “I thought that since she is a top star she would act like a famous actress with celebrity disease. But she wasn’t like that at all, and she was so caring.”

According to Joo Won, she always supportive and cared for him and said, “You must have such a hard time.” She also has a strong passion for acting, which motivated him to work harder as well. He said, “Kim Tae Hee never sulked or got upset when the director criticized her acting. She took in all the criticism in stride, and tried very hard to improve the scenes at hand.”

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