Shin Min Ah Undergoes Transformation for “Oh My Venus”

Shin Min Ah, the leading actress of the upcoming drama “Oh My Venus,” will play the part of a beauty-turned-chubby lawyer Kang Joo Eun, which means that she has to get special makeup for her transformation. It is said to be the most unusual role that she has took on since her debut.


The “Oh My Venus” team released some stills of Shin Min Ah in her special makeup, in which she looks plump (but still adorable!). It is said that she had to undergo about three hours of special makeup. She still enjoyed the process, saying, “This was my first time trying out special makeup, so it was interesting and amazing.” She added, “It really was a lot of work, but thanks to all the hardworking staff and their support, I had a lot of fun filming the scenes.”

In the show, Kang Joo Eun will meet an internationally renowned health trainer to try to lose weight, and in the process, she will also heal the scars hidden deep inside her. “Oh My Venus” will air after “Sassy Go Go” ends, and the first episode is slated to broadcast on November 16.

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