MBLAQ’s Seungho to Star in an Upcoming Movie

According to MBLAQ‘s management agency J. Tune Camp, MBLAQ’s Seungho has been cast as the leading actor for the upcoming film “Rock ‘n’ Roll Grandpa.”

The role of Ki Ho Tae, which will be the one played by Seungho, is an optimistic and self-confident 20-year-old who works in a freezer warehouse. He has many dreams, and he is voluntarily working at this difficult job to follow his dreams. He meets an old man who lost all his dreams, and they hope to improve their lives, all the while communicating with each other through music.

The other actors cast so far include the actor Oh Kwang Rok, and Ha Eun Seul, as well as the singer Yoon Soo Il. Many top-class musicians will be contributing to the featured tracks of the movie, and Lee Jang Hee, who has experience in being in a band, will be the director.

J. Tune Camp said of Seungho, “This is his first time trying acting, so he is very nervous and excited. He is currently practicing to play the guitar in the movie, as well as practicing his scenes. We hope that you will support him.”

“Rock ‘n’ Roll Grandpa” is aiming to open in theaters in October 2016.

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