Cosmos Becomes the First Woman to Win Four Times on “King of Mask Singer”

The November 8 episode of “King of Mask Singer” featured the final competition round for determining the sixteenth winner. And yet again, “Young and Innocent Cosmos” won the competition, becoming the winner for four consecutive times. This is a tying record to Kim Yeon Woo‘s “CBR Cleopatra,” and she is the first woman to win four times.


Cosmos has never been shy about talking about her ambition, saying that “I just want to win until this round.” She sang Park Jung Hyun‘s “Beauty in Dreams” and beat “Come Out Your Majesty.”

It may be shocking to realize that the first time she made an appearance on “King of Mask Singer” was September 20. Time flies!

Watch her performance below.

Who do you think “Cosmos” is?

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