Brown Eyed Girls Aren’t Afraid of Remarks on Their Changing Appearance

Brown Eyed Girls, who recently made a comeback after a long hiatus, participated in a filming of “Hello Counselor,” and made fun of themselves, saying that “Sometimes the fans think that we have changed members because we look so different now.”

This self-disparaging remark came from Lee Young Ja‘s question about whether they have changed members at all in the ten years that they have been active. Shin Dong Yeop tried to make things better by complimenting them, saying “It’s true that you look slightly different now, but you look very modern and beautiful.” However, Miryo quickly put an end to the possible heart-warming ending, by saying, “One of the related search words of my name is ‘Miryo Leaves BEG.'”

When asked about how they were able to be together for ten years, Ga In made fun of themselves again, saying that “The unnis are at an age where they should get married, but they delayed their weddings.” Jung Chan Woo, noticing the interesting wording, asked, “If they delayed their weddings, does that mean that they have someone that they want to get married to?” Brown Eyed Girls, suspiciously enough, declined to answer the question, only smiling.

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