Han Ye Seul Congratulates Her Boyfriend Teddy’s Win in the “2015 Melon Music Awards”

Han Ye Seul proved her relationship with Teddy is still going strong by openly congratulating his achievements for the “2015 Melon Music Awards.”

On November 8, the actress posted a picture on her Instagram along with the caption, “#ilovebigbang#ilovebangbangbang#iloveteddy#teddyonlymakesthebest#word.”

han ye seul's instagram

In the top half of the revealed picture, BIGBANG is standing on the stage for the “2015 Melon Music Awards.” The bottom half lists BIGBANG’s Artist of the Year Award, Teddy’s Songwriter of the Year Award, and the Best Song of the Year Award for “BANG BANG BANG,” which Teddy co-wrote.

Meanwhile, Han Ye Seul and Teddy have gone public with their relationship since 2013.

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