Choi Siwon Chosen as Special Representative for UNICEF Korea

Choi Siwon, who is currently starring in the popular drama “She Was Pretty,” has been chosen to act as the special representative to UNICEF‘s Korean branch. The UNICEF office in Seoul will be presenting him with a special certificate on November 12.

The singer-actor has contributed to various UNICEF campaigns, including 2013’s “Santa Campaign,” 2014’s “Popcoin Campaign,” and 2015’s “Bracelets for Nepal Campaign.” His involvement has convinced UNICEF that he would be a fantastic representative for their cause.

In the future, he hopes to continue participating in various campaigns. Choi Siwon showed his excitement by saying, “I have been working with UNICEF for some time now, and it really opened my eyes towards campaigns that allow us to share with the less fortunate. I am very honored to be a representative.”

He hopes to focus specifically on projects helping children, expressing, “I hope to share warmth with all the children around the world, and I would like to contribute to a world in which every child is happy.”

Will you join in on his campaigns?

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