Ji Jin Hee Reveals How He Fell in Love With His Wife

The November 9 episode of “The List 2015” revealed the names of stars who have very accomplished wives.

On this episode, actor Ji Jin Hee‘s wife made the list. His wife, Lee Soo Yeon, worked at a very big advertisement firm, and they had been dating even before Ji Jin Hee debuted as an actor.


It turns out that Ji Jin Hee originally wanted to be a photographer, and he fell in love at first sight when Lee Soo Yeon visited his studio for a graduation photo shoot. He gave his number to her, and the rest is history! The couple’s love for each other is strong, and Ji Jin Hee has previously said, “We dated for six years, and we were married for 12 years. But I still find my wife to be so beautiful.”

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