Tao Reveals How Upset He Is Because of Negative Press

Tao speaks out about his lawsuit against SM Entertainment

According to a media outlet in Taiwan, Tao was questioned on what happened with SM Entertainment that led to the lawsuit while he was at a Chinese program recording set. Tao responded saying, “I can’t say anything right now. Once I win the case, I’ll explain everything.”

Tao continued, “From the day I got injured, my father called me. He wanted me to come back to China as soon as possible. At the time, I refused to leave Korea for China and I even got into an argument with my father.” He added, “I had a hard time since I returned to China because of all the negative press I received. But I have to handle it because this is my lot.”

The singer decided to leave the group EXO back in April of this year following the footsteps of other former members of the group, Kris and Luhan. He has since pursued solo activities in China. Last August, he filed an exclusive contract lawsuit against SM Entertainment at the Seoul Central District Court.

To this, SM Entertainment filed a countersuit with Tao’s album producing company for promoting his illegal entertainment activities.

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