Exclusive: B1A4 Answers Your Burning Questions, Adorably

B1A4 was recently in Dallas and we were lucky enough to head out to see them along with a ton of dedicated BANA. Before they put on a killer concert, the boys had an intimate Meet and Greet session with 50 lucky fans and answered some of our questions and a few hilarious fan questions as well!

Check out their answers below! Baro really blew us away with his English – parts in Italics were spoken in English:

What is one thing on your bucket list?

Baro: Skydiving! I really want to go, let’s go! And get married~ with you~

Fans: *cheer*

Jinyoung: Travel around the world!

Sandeul: Make a cake.

Gongchan: Go backpacking.

CNU: Go on a cruise with fans!

How do practices usually go?

Jinyoung: We have fun, even though we usually only have a short amount of time we try to enjoy it!

What’s the most unique or fun thing that has happened during a concert, live performance, music video shoot, or recording session?

CNU: There are a lot… Once during a live performance, I kicked my microphone off. It went flying!

Baro: For me, I’ve never made a mistake during a performance.

Fans: *lose it laughing*

Sandeul: They [fans] find that the funniest!

Baro: As far as I know….

Sandeul: Once we had a really big stage, and I put on my in-ear monitor and was waiting on standby but when I finally got up on stage, it was still off…

Gongchan: I make a lot of small mistakes. This time it was during the “Sweet Girl” MV filming and there were a ton of flies so we made a lot of NGs because of them….

Jinyoung: Once my shoe fell off while I was on stage… I was only wearing one shoe so I kicked it off and completed the performance in bare feet. gongchan-b1a4-mng

What Texan food are you most excited to try?

Baro: Please recommend something!

Fans: BBQ! Mexican food!In-n-Out! BBQ!

Baro: We ate a lot of Mexican food in Mexico…

Fans: TEX-MEX!

Baro: Oooooh, tex-mex? Like a mix of Texas and Mexican food!


Sandeul: TEX-MEX!

What inspires you to keep going?

Baro: BANA!


All: BANA!

Are any of your songs written from personal experience?

CNU: For me…. All of my songs are about my experiences.

Jinyoung: The song 사랑 그땐 (Love Then), that song is about a time when I was in love and after love all the good memories and the bad memories are still experiences so I put them into that song.

Best way to cheer me up when I’m down is…

Gongchan: I ride a bike along the Han River and I forget all the bad memories.

Sandeul: For me, there’s only one reason why I’d be in a bad mood: either I am dieting or I didn’t eat. So in order to cheer myself up, I eat something delicious.

Fans: *round of applause*

Jinyoung: I put on my headphones and listen to an upbeat song really loudly. Then I start enjoying it and my mood lifts.

Baro: I drink some wine alone. A-a little tipsy? I like.

Fans: Do you like shots?

Baro: Shots?And soju?

CNU: Yes, meditation. I try to spend time by myself.

Baro explaining

Baro explaining “A little tipsy.”

Most prized possession?

Gongchan: Uhhhh…

Baro: Uhhhhhh….

Gongchan: My most precious possession is… my hard drive. Inside, there are a lot of pictures, because I like to take pictures so I think it’s probably the most special.

Sandeul: I just recently bought a watch for the first time. So I think it’s my most treasured item right now.

Jinyoung: Our work-room’s computer! A lot of our songs are on it.

Baro: My iPhone. There are a lot of pictures of the members. One day I’ll upload them all to instagram!

CNU: Time! I think time is most precious.

Baro: Right now!


And now for the fan questions:

For Gongchan: If you were in the avengers, which superhero would you be?

Gongchan: I would be Iron Man! Jarvis! Because if I had the suit, I could be more free and live more comfortably.

Sandeul: *laughs*

Baro: Hulk!

Sandeul: I was going to say that! Actually, the Hulk for real. I like transforming and you get to tear off your clothing.

CNU: Sandeul is actually a lot like the Hulk! Normally he’s really gentle and positive but sometimes, like the Hulk, he’s kind of a tough guy too.

Sandeul: There’s another good point about the Hulk! When he transforms his body is really nice!

Jinyoung: I would want to be Quicksilver! *Sandeul doesn’t understand so everyone acts him out in slo-mo*

Baro: I would want to be Hawkeye! I really like the actor, what is his name? Actor name?

Fans: Jeremy Renner!

Baro: I really like him, I’m his big fan so…

CNU: They’re all great but, who do you think suits me best?

Baro: Captain America!

Fans: THOR!

CNU: Thor!?


Baro, what is your favorite English phrase?

Baro: I’m lucky! In life, always.I love you life, always.

Jinyoung, what’s your favorite hair color on yourself?

Baro: Red! Red!

Jinyoung: No~ Black! Red and black!

*Baro motions for him to dye half his head black, the other half red*


CNU, shall we sing together? *Fan stands up, CNU stands up*

CNU: Which song?

Fan: A “Chess” song!

Sandeul: Oh? Chest song??

CNU: Chess song? Ooohhh, from “Chess!”

Fan: *begins singing*

CNU: *joins in and completes part of the song*

Sandeul, how is it playing a prince in Cinderella?

Sandeul: Ah, yes, I was a prince…. I was really happy! I am able to really enjoy playing a prince. In my real life too, it’s like I’m a prince.

Fans: You are!

Sandeul: Really!?

Baro: No!

Sandeul: I’d like to sing a song that I sing in “Cinderella.” *sings*

And all the fans swooned. Actually, the fans swooned about a hundred times in the half hour Meet and Greet! B1A4 really knows how to have fun with fans and a lot of time was spent laughing together.

Thank you to Jazzy Group for inviting us to cover the event! And if you haven’t seen B1A4 live yet, you really need to see them next time they’re here!


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