Kim Woo Bin, Suzy, Im Joo Hwan, and Im Joo Eun Have First Meeting for New Drama

Kim Woo Bin, miss A’s Suzy, Im Joo Hwan, and Im Joo Eun have had their first meeting for their new drama, “Uncontrollably Fond” (tentative title). On November 11, a representative said, “The four actors secretly met on November 10 with some of the production crew. The meeting went well.” 

“Uncontrollably Fond” is about a couple who parted badly when they were young but meet again as an arrogant top star and a subservient documentary producer. 

Lee Kyung Hee is writing the script. Her previous projects include “The Innocent Man,” “Thank You,” “A Love to Kill,” and “I’m Sorry, I Love You.” This is her first mini-series in three years. 

Kim Woo Bin plays the top star Shin Yoon Jung, who is a Hallyu actor and singer. Suzy is the documentary PD, playing a 180-degree change from her usual innocent image. Her character’s burning sense of justice easily folds in front of money, and in front of stronger characters she becomes completely subservient. 

Meanwhile, Im Joo Hwan is playing Choi Ji Tae, the department head of the Planning and Management Team at KJ Group. His character is said to be good-looking, talented, kind, and modest. Im Joo Eun’s character, Yoon Jung Eun, is in charge of the Planning Team at KJ’s affiliated group KJ Cosmetics. Her character is said to be the daughter of a politically powerful family, with her father as the head of the ruling party and the strongest candidate for the presidency. 

Filming for the drama begins next month. 

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