How to Tell a Girl She’s Beautiful, as Told By “She Was Pretty”

1. Tell her she’s pretty, even though she might not believe you.

she was pretty 7

2. Like her for not the way she looks, but because of the kindness she shows strangers.

she was pretty 1

3. Be her umbrella, rain or shine.

she was pretty 2

4. Give her a warm hug. Sometimes actions speak louder than words.

she was pretty 3

5. Appreciate her talents and tell her so.

she was pretty 4

6. Tell her you like her just as she is.

she was pretty 5

7. Lastly, tell her she was pretty, she is pretty, and she will be forever pretty in your eyes.

she was pretty 5

She Was Pretty,” the drama that wanted to teach us to find and appreciate our inner beauty, ends tonight with its 16th episode. Thank you, “She Was Pretty,” for bringing warmth, love, and laughter into our lives.

Catch episode 15 below, if you haven’t watch it yet. Episode 16 will be here.