Popular TV Personality Jung Hyung Don to Halt All Activities

FNC Entertainment has announced that MC and comedian Jung Hyung Don will be halting all TV activities.

The management agency stated today, November 12 KST, that “Jung Hyung Don’s anxiety disorder, which he has been struggling with for a long time, has become more serious recently, and he is finding it difficult to continue appearing on TV.” It continued, “After discussion with the agency and production teams, he has decided to take a break for a while.”

FNC added: “Jung Hyung Don will focus on treatment during the break, and we will give him all our support. We will work hard with Jung Hyung Don so that he will be able to return to television quickly and deliver laughs to the viewers.” FNC also apologized to the public and the various production teams of the shows Jung Hyung Don is on for delivering this news so suddenly.

This sudden news has put the spotlight on the shows Jung Hyung Don is currently part of: “Infinite Challenge,” “Please Take Care of My Refrigerator,” “Weekly Idol,” “Cool Kiz on the Block,” “Don’t Worry Music,” and “The Capable Ones,” which is supposed to launch tomorrow, November 13 KST. Most of the production teams have stated that they are currently in discussions and have nothing solid to comment about regarding the shows.