Choi Siwon Talks Acting, “She Was Pretty,” and Super Junior

With “She Was Pretty” over, Choi Siwon, actor and member of K-pop group Super Junior, sat for a press interview today in Gangnam, Seoul.

He talked about many things, including his group, his acting, the drama, and his character, Kim Shin Hyuk. Regarding the positive reviews he got for his acting in “She Was Pretty,” Choi Siwon stated: “I wasn’t expecting it. I didn’t have the leisure. I was just focused on trying to show my best.” “I am grateful to our writer who wrote the wonderful lines for Shin Hyuk and our director who helped me to bring the character alive,” added Choi Siwon. He also was grateful to his co-star Hwang Jung Eum for creating the funny scenes with him, stating, “Her acting is open.”

Choi Siwon emphasized the great teamwork of the cast and crew, and added that “at the celebration before the broadcast of the last episode, the network’s CEO doesn’t usually stay for a long time but this time he did.” “He sat very “MOST” like,” described Choi Siwon humorously, referring to the running joke in the drama.

Choi Siwon also revealed that he was the only cast member who knew the secret identities of writer Ten and the chaebol son of the company’s president. Actor Ahn Se Ha, who played Kim Poong Ho and was later revealed to be the chaebol son had stated earlier that even he didn’t know until he got the script for the episode a week before.

The idol-singer also talked about Super Junior, who recently celebrated their 10th debut anniversary, saying, “I think Super Junior will have fun performing for another ten years.” He continued, “I want to meet fans more closely than through concerts. I think the fans like us because they have a great humanity to them. If it is possible, I want to meet them up close.”

Choi Siwon played the role of eccentric and fun-seeking journalist Kim Shin Hyuk, who had a secret identity and loved protagonist Kim Hye Jin in “She Was Pretty.”

Unfortunately for fans of Choi Siwon, they won’t be able to see him in another drama anytime soon, as he heads to the military to serve starting this month.

Watch the final episode of “She Was Pretty” below.

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