Kim Woo Bin Voted as the Best Korean Sherlock

According to a Nate poll, actor Kim Woo Bin placed first in a Korean version of fantasy casting for the movie “Sherlock: the Abominable Bride,” with an overwhelming 81 percent of the total voters voting for him. Second place went to actor Yoo Ah in, with 12 percent of the total votes. As for third place, SHINee’s Minho and Park Seo Joon were tied with 3 percent of the votes.

The reasons why Kim Woo Bin was selected as the best actor included acting abilities, charisma, model-like height, and above all, because his long chin looks like that of Benedict Cumberbatch‘s, who plays Sherlock in the upcoming movie.

Meanwhile, “Sherlock: the Abominable Bride” opens in Korean in January of 2016.

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