Park Jin Young Ranks First as the Composer Who Earned the Most Royalties

JYP Entertainment‘s Park Jin Young seems to be the music producer who received the most amount of royalties. According to the insiders’ report on November 12, Park Jin Young was ranked first in the Korean Music Copyright Association, when the members were listed by the royalties paid from composing, lyrics, and rearrangements. Composer Cho Young Soo was ranked second.

Other notable artist involved Busker Busker‘s Jang Bum Joon, who made it into the top 10.

It is said that the top ten composers received somewhere between two billion Korean won (approximately $1.7 million) and 800 million Korean won (approximately $690,000), which means that Park Jin Young earned nearly two billion Korean won!

However, this report is difficult to verify, as the Korean Music Copyright Association now keeps the list private, since 2010.

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