Tablo Bids Farewell to “Dreaming Radio” Listeners

Epik High‘s Tablo recently finished recording his last radio show, and he posted a farewell note for his listeners and fans.

On November 13, Tablo wrote on his Instagram, “The last live broadcast of ‘Dreaming Radio’ has started. I was very happy. Thank you. I promise to be back.”

The photo he posted is a picture of himself with all the other staff of the radio show, holding an appreciation plaque.

On the plaque, it says, “The receiver was the first DJ of ‘Dreaming Radio’ who kept his promise and came back after five years to gift listeners with music and advice. Thank you for making every day so meaningful.”

tablo radio2

Meanwhile, Yoon Kwon will take Tablo’s place as DJ for “Dreaming Radio.”

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