Lee Ki Woo Overcomes His Fear of Heights by Thinking of His Girlfriend

The November 15 episode of “Real Men” included the celebrity soldiers’ training for overcoming their fear of heights. The training called for each soldier to jump off from a tower that is 10.3m tall.

Lee Ki Woo was one of the soldiers to undergo this training, but it was evident that he was afraid of the height, as his legs were shaking and he could not speak coherently.

The instructor, seeing his fear, asked, “Do you have a girlfriend?” Lee Ki Woo, thinking about his girlfriend and actress Lee Chung Ah, responded, “Yes,” while brightly smiling. His love helped him overcome his fear, and he jumped without hesitation.

Afterwards, he said, “I responded ‘yes’ to that question without thinking. If we weren’t dating publicly, I guess it would have been revealed today,” not bothering to hide his love for his lucky girlfriend.

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