Instagram User Shares Hilarious Fan Video Depicting Blackjacks on 2NE1 Comeback

Whether or not the news of 2NE1‘s possible comeback is true, it’s only natural that Blackjacks would get riled up. After all, it would be the group’s first comeback in nearly two years. But how exactly do Blackjacks feel?

Instagram user @japollonia shared a fan-made video that shows just that, writing, “Who made this? Hhhhhh #imdone.” The video shows a clip from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” series, with a bunch of natives labeled “Blackjacks” chasing down Jack Sparrow, who is labeled “YG.”

It seems Blackjacks have been anxiously awaiting 2NE1’s comeback!

Edit: A previous version of this article erroneously stated that @jalloponia is the Instagram account of choreographer Mila J. However, Mila J’s official Instagram handle is @milaj.